Laundry Services in Tanah Lot

Full-service laundromat. Delivery via Gojek or come by, and get your clothes cleaned today.

Self-service Wash 

Rp 25K / 1,29 USD

Self-service Dry

Rp 25K / 1,29 USD

Drop-off Wash

Rp 30K / 1,93 USD

Drop-off Dry

Rp 30K / 1,93 USD
Located in Tanah Lot, Swastee Eco Laundry offers a sustainable and efficient way to manage your laundry needs amidst the serene beauty of Bali. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide both locals and travelers with a service that's as friendly to the environment as it is to your clothes.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Swastee Laundry Tanah Lot

Address: Jl. By Pass Tanah Lot No.13, Beraban, Kec. Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 80351, Indonesia

Tanah Lot Laundry Services

  • Self-Service Laundry: Equipped with modern machines that are simple to use, allowing you to wash and dry your clothes at your convenience.
  • Drop-off Laundry: Drop off your laundry and let our expert team take over. Your clothes will be ready for pick-up, clean and folded, in just a few hours.
  • Pick-Up and Delivery: Partnered with Gojek App, we offer a convenient pick-up and delivery service right to your accommodation in Tanah Lot.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Eco-Friendly Detergents: We use only biodegradable detergents that are gentle on your fabrics and the environment.
  • Advanced Water Filtration: Our machines utilize double-filtered water to ensure the cleanest wash possible.
  • Energy Efficient Operations: By using one machine per customer, we optimize our energy use, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly practices.
  • Modern Laundromat: Free wifi, work and charging stations, TV and refreshment options while you wait.

How Much Does Laundry in Tanah Lot Cost?

Bali is known for its incredible value, and Swastee Eco Laundry in Tanah Lot continues this tradition by offering affordable, transparent pricing for all your laundry needs. Whether you're a traveler on a budget or an expat seeking long-term laundry solutions, we've got you covered with competitive rates and superior service. 

Self-Service Wash

  • Free Wi-Fi, Coffee & Tea included
  • Do your laundry in just 90-minutes
  • 1-5 kg load = Rp 25K
  • 6-10kg load= Rp 45K

Self-Service Dry

  • Free Wi-Fi, Coffee & Tea included
  • Do your laundry in just 90-minutes
  • 1-5 kg load = Rp 25K
  • 6-10kg load= Rp 45K

Drop-off Wash

  • Free Wi-Fi, Coffee & Tea included
  • Fresh laundry on the same day
  • 1-5 kg load = Rp 30K
  • 6-10kg load= Rp 55K

Drop-off Dry

  • Free Wi-Fi, Coffee & Tea included
  • Fresh laundry on the same day
  • 1-5 kg load = Rp 30K
  • 6-10kg load= Rp 55K


Warm water: Rp 10K

Hot water: Rp 20K

95 °C water: Rp 30K

> 2 rinses (each extra rinse): Rp 5K

Extra high spin: Rp 5K

Laundry bag: Rp 15K

Drop-off Express: Rp 20K

Other than light wash: Rp 10K

Explore Tanah Lot While We Do Your Laundry

Tanah Lot, Bali's coastal gem, presents a dramatic fusion of natural beauty and spiritual heritage. As you absorb the mystique of this iconic sea temple, let Swastee Eco Laundry in Tanah Lot handle your garments with care. Perfectly placed near Bali's breathtaking shoreline, our eco-conscious laundry service complements your journey of discovery, ensuring that your clothes are as crisp and vibrant as the Tanah Lot sunset. Embrace the ease of our services and explore Bali's wonders, while we refresh your wardrobe with the ocean's breeze.

Pura Luhur Pakendungan: Tanah Lot's Spiritual Beacon

Merely a gentle breeze away from Swastee Eco Laundry, Pura Luhur Pakendungan stands as a sentinel on the Tanah Lot coastline. This spiritual landmark, often less frequented by tourists, offers a tranquil retreat to reflect and admire the ocean's vastness. While you're soaking in the sacred atmosphere and the sounds of the waves, we're ensuring that your laundry is being refreshed and revitalized, ready for your next spiritual journey or casual exploration.

Bali Eco Trip: Embrace the Island's Natural Wonders

Not far from the hum of our eco-friendly dryers, Bali Eco Trip invites you to dive into the island's lush heartland. Engage in eco-tours that bring you face-to-face with Bali's rich biodiversity, from verdant forests to sustainable farms. As you discover the island's commitment to nature, we at Swastee Eco Laundry mirror that commitment, taking care of your clothes with environmentally responsible practices.

Say Goodbye to Laundry Days

Swastee Eco Laundry is more than just a laundry service; it's a part of your Tanah Lot experience. Whether you're here for the verdant landscapes, the vibrant culture, or peaceful retreats, we ensure that taking care of your laundry is convenient and conscious.


You asked, we answered

Do you offer ironing services?

While we don't provide separate ironing services, our careful drying process minimizes wrinkles. Clothes are promptly folded after drying, which often results in a smooth finish similar to ironing. Please note, items requiring special ironing care may need additional attention post-pickup.

Can I get hand washing or dry cleaning?

Our eco-friendly approach focuses on machine washing with eco-conscious products. For delicate items requiring hand washing or dry cleaning, we recommend specialized services that cater to these specific needs.

How does your pick-up and delivery service work?

We offer pick-up and delivery through GoJek and Grab. If you're not app-savvy, no worries—contact us via WhatsApp, and we'll arrange it for you. Charges are as per the app's standard rates.

Is hang-drying or air-drying available?

Yes, we can hang-dry or air-dry up to three items per customer, perfect for those special garments that need a little extra care.

What about removing stains?

We use natural cleaning agents designed to tackle stains while being gentle on the environment. However, we like to be upfront—some stubborn stains may not fully come out without specialized treatment.

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